InsiteOne Achieves Strong Growth with Six New Contracts Post Acquisition of BRIT Systems Cloud-Native RIS/PACS/VNA

WALLINGFORD, Conn., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — InsiteOne, a leading provider of cloud-based Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solutions and clinical image management, announces significant expansion in the first half of 2024. Following the acquisition of BRIT Systems, InsiteOne has secured six new customer contracts, demonstrating robust market response and the enhanced value proposition of its extended portfolio.

In the first half of 2024, InsiteOne finalized six new RIS/PACS contracts. These agreements encompass imaging centers, teleradiology practices, and hospitals, underscoring the broad appeal and versatility of the BRIT Systems RIS/PACS/VNA among diverse healthcare providers.

“This first half of 2024 has been incredibly rewarding since our acquisition of BRIT Systems. We’ve witnessed substantial growth and a strong market endorsement of our solutions,” stated David Cook, CEO of InsiteOne. “We are excited about these developments and look forward to further expansion and future innovations.”

Focus on Operational Excellence and Addressing Industry Challenges

“BRIT Systems remains committed to enhancing operational efficiencies and meeting distinct, unfulfilled industry needs at competitive pricing,” remarked Kyle Boyd, Vice President of Development at InsiteOne. “Amidst healthcare workforce shortages, cybersecurity concerns, and escalating costs, we are continually advancing our core technology. Our primary focus areas include women’s health, teleradiology, and community hospital workflows. Furthermore, new strategic partnerships will further augment our platform’s capabilities, ensuring it remains world-class.”

Introducing PACS Guardian: Redefining Cybersecurity Standards

InsiteOne responds to rising healthcare cybersecurity threats with the launch of PACS Guardian, a pioneering solution designed to provide healthcare organizations with peace of mind. PACS Guardian, an air-gapped, cloud-based imaging infrastructure, mirrors existing PACS while offering advanced security features, comprehensive disaster recovery, and business continuity workflows.

“PACS Guardian represents a new era in cybersecurity, enabling uninterrupted operations during critical disruptions,” explained David Cook, CEO of InsiteOne. “It serves as an independent cloud backup for existing PACS, ensuring continuous access to patient images at a cost-effective rate. More than a mere backup, PACS Guardian functions as a fully autonomous operational hub.”

Achievement of SOC 2 Compliance

InsiteOne has successfully completed its SOC 2 examination conducted by A-LIGN, a leading technology-enabled security and compliance firm. This certification underscores InsiteOne’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of data security and integrity.

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